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Anonymous11: I have the deformety in both my wrists and I would like to help people be aware
Anonymous17: Hello, is anyone here?
Anonymous110: Hhh
Anonymous110: Hi
Anonymous119: hi
Anonymous130: I have had madelungs from the age of 12
Anonymous130: Still having wrist pain despite multiple surgeries and treatments
Anonymous130: I am now 15
Anonymous130: MD is such a unknown condition and I love people who bring awareness to this horrible condition
Anonymous172: pediatrician doc misdiagnosed me back in the day with tendonitis. now i find out i have madelungs doc wont do surgery
Anonymous177: Hello
Anonymous177: my Madelung wrist deformity is getting more painful now that I'm in my 50's and the ulna bone is protruding more.
Anonymous177: any ideas..
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