How would you feel if you were told to give up doing all the sports you love?

If you could not do or struggled to do simple every day tasks, writing, washing your own hair, opening a door, even opening a jar of coffee.
Important things like, cleaning, cooking, carrying your own shopping, changing a baby’s nappy or just pushing a buggy.

Now imagine being primary or secondary school age, not just an adult.

These are just some of the things Madelung’s Deformity sufferers face every day.

In some cases, some Madelung’s Deformity suffers have exhausted all pain & anti medication combinations, which means the pain never stops.

Can you imagine having Madelung’s Deformity?

Please show your support to those that do and to their families and friends.

You can buy a wrist band, support us or take part at one of our fund raising events, donate an amount of your choosing as a one off or start a regular monthly donation amount for more information you can contact us via our Facebook page or helpline number.

Thank you for reading.

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